Levonne Kelly - Animal Homeopathy

DipHom (Animal Health), RCHom, Cert Equine Practice

Animal Consultations 

A homeopathic consultation typically takes approximately one hour. In order to prescribe the best remedy for your animal, a great deal of information is required. In addition to details of the main illness, a homeopath will ask about such things as appetite, thirst, sleep, medical history, family "hierarchy", fears, behaviour, response to different situations and what seems to make them feel better or worse. All this information is necessary to build a "picture" of your animal, which can then be matched to the picture of a specific remedy.

Once a remedy has been prescribed, a follow-up visit is scheduled to see how your animal is progressing. This can be anything from a few days to a few weeks later, depending on the individual case. Treating with homeopathy can be likened to peeling away layers, and occasionally old symptoms may resurface briefly. This is a positive sign and they will resolve.

Homeopathy will not interfere with any medication your animal may be taking, and any such medication should not be stopped without consulting your vet.

Please note that homeopathy is never intended to replace veterinary care. In an emergency or if your animal is in pain or distress, please contact your vet immediately.

(Photo: Levonne Kelly)